Remembering Jack Price

Remembering Jack Price, YI44
Upsilon-Iota Faculty Advisor - 2004 - 2011

Our beloved faculty advisor, mentor, friend, and frater, John "Jack" Price, passed away on December 24, 2011 (born Sept 3, 1951).

Jack was such an integral part of how the Upsilon-Iota chapter got started as an interest group to colony to chapter and ultimately to one of the top TKE chapters in the world.

Even before he became a TKE in 2006, Jack truly typified the principles of our great fraternity.  His bright smile that showed regard for all and had an amazing ability to make everyone feel comfortable around him.  He had an uncanny ability to see the good in everyone.  His desire to see both his students and Tekes succeed academically and personally has made a mark on all of our lives.

Jack has been an avid donor to the TKE Educational Foundation since 2008 because he truly believed in the affect TKE can and does have on collegiate men.

For these reasons and so many others, the Upsilon Iota chapter have set up an Memorial Scholarship under Jack's name.  Please click the button below to support this Memorial Scholarship.


Quotes from Fraters Who Knew Jack

a good friend and an integral part of tke-yi's success has passed. @jack price thank you for every thing through the years and you will be missed. Your family is in my prayers. Try to have a good holiday. YI-2
TKE Nation has lost an amazing member today...Be sure to count your blessings this Holiday Season. Rest in peace Frater Jack Price, you're certainly already missed by many! YITB YI-5
RIP Jack you will be greatly missed! YI-6
Frater Jack Price you will be missed. Your family is in my thoughts. YI-11
It's so rare when one person can truly touch so many individuals in such a profound way. Jack Price truly inspired us to be better men and represent ourselves as the men we want to be, not just the ones we are today. Jack was and will always be an inspiration for what an advisor should be as well as a man and husband. He was someone who I always looked up to. You will be missed dear friend. YITB, YI-20
Christmas eve is no time to hear such horrible news....RIP Jack Price. We love you frater, thanks for all you gave. YI-26
Rest in peace Jack Price..a true impact to our fraternity. YITB YI-39
RIP Jack Price, you were a great man and will be dearly missed, YI-40
RIP Jack Price! I'm proud and honored to call you frater and friend. YI-49
R.I.P Jack Price... I pray for you, YI-50
Frater Jack Price was not only a Frater, but an advisor and friend. There is no one that can replace you and all you have done for our chapter and TKE as a whole. You will be missed dearly. Rest in Peace Frater Jack Price. Your family is in my thoughts. YI-52
Rip Jack price a true teke you will be missed. Love you frater thank you for everything, YI-63
R.I.P. To one of the greatest Fraters I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Jack Price it was a pleasure knowing you YITB- YI-65
Jack price you will be missed frater thank you for your time, efforts, and everything . YITB YI-66
RIP Frater Jack Price, you affected the lives of everyone around you more than any words could describe. I am honored to have known you and call you my brother. You will be missed greatly. YITB Brendan YI-70
The TKE YI chapter lost an amazing advisor, Jack Price. He was an awesome mentor, friend and Frater and will be sorely missed. YI-72
what a loss for TKE today, RIP Jack Price. a great professor, mentor, role model, advisor, and friend. a man who would always lend a helping hand. you will be missed by me and others. YI-79
The TKE Nation has lost a beloved and valued brother. Jack Price was an inspiration and leader for not only the Upsilon Iota Chapter but everyone he came in contact with. He was an amazing Adviser, Teacher, Leader, and Friend. You will be missed. RIP Jack Price. YI-86
Kind, Caring, Loving, Honest, Faithful, Dedicated, Thoughtful... These are all words that we like to say as a person passes. In times of death we typically praise a person even if they weren't quite those descriptions... Jack Price was every bit of those and more... A man of character and service on his path through life led by God. Forever missed and never forgotten... My dear friend and mentor Mr. Jack Price. YI-87
Words cannot describe the Frater we lost today. The one thing I will always remember is no matter what the situation was with our chapter, good or bad, he always had a smile on his face. Rest In Peace Frater Jack Price, thank you for all you've done. YITB YI-89
R.I.P. Jack Price, you will be missed :( YITB - YI-100
I'm absolutely devastated to hear about the passing of my mentor and TKE Undergraduate Faculty Advisor, Frater Jack Price. May you rest in peace, Frater. YI-105
Frater Jack had been with the IUPUI men since their beginning as the faculty advisor and played a vital part in building the foundation of the chapter as well as supporting their continued success. I was blessed enough to have met Jack in October when working with the chapter and he was such a sweet, caring, and passionate man who loved the Fraternity and men of Upsilon-Iota. Adam Kearns, MX-216
He pioneered TKE at IUPUI and now hes gone on to help us fight the geeds in chapter eternal. Thanks for your dedicated service. Its hard to say where we would be today with out you jack Price. Rest in peace my friend. You'll truly be missed. YI-109
Rest in Peace, Frater Jack Price. You have helped us in every way imaginable. The Upsilon Iota chapter of TKE is in your debt. Thank you for everything. YI-110
You talk to someone 5 days ago and just like that God sweeps them into the palm of his hand. God bless you Jack Price, you and your family are in Upsilon Iota's prayers. YITB YI-123

The Upsilon-Iota Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis was installed as a chapter on August 20, 2005.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.